How To Increase Your Sales by 4,75% in One Year with Your Pharmacy Crosses

An old axiom identifies three fundamental key points for the success of a commercial activity: Visibility, Accessibility and Parking.

Since accessibility and parking are completely linked to the store’s location, visibility is the only factor where the store owner can have a significant impact.

That's why a sing become a critical component of the visibility of a pharmacy.

The only problem with standard signs is that they are static – therefore they can communicate only one information to the potential Customers (e.g. opening hours OR special promotions OR services available).

Because they are static, standard signs are also subject to “Ad Blindness” – which means that Customers don’t see them and start to ignore them after a while.

One of advertising’s first objectives is change the purchase habits. Usually a commercial activity covers its fixed and variable cost thanks to a group of usual customers, while gains its profits from unusual Customers.

Providing updated information on products, services and current promotions is ideal to change the behaviors of the Customer base, encouraging unplanned stops and purchases.

That’s why everywhere in the world, business owners are placing colorful LED variable message signs in their stores – in addition to the standard sign.

Variable message signs allow business owners to broadcast up to 99 different messages (e.g. opening hours AND special promotions AND services available) on the same sign.

Furthermore the ever-changing bright text attracts the eye’s attention (like the blinkers of a car) so that your sign is no longer affected by “Ad Blindness”.

A few years ago, the research conducted by a highly regarded American university, proved what shop owners always knew – the effectiveness of LED signs. In 1995 the International Sing Association (ISA) asked the University of San Diego to conduct a research on variable messages bright sings.

The results of the study showed that the number of variable message signs in a store had a significant positive impact on the annual turnover: one single bright sign produced an increase of 4,75% in the annual revenues.

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